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Operation to rescue hostages leaves an Israeli anti-terrorism agent dead

Israel’s hostage rescue operation this Saturday (8) resulted in the death of an Israeli police officer who served in a special counterterrorism unit, according to the country’s police.

Arnon Zamora was injured in the operation in which four Israeli hostages were freed, in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, police said. He died in the hospital.

Zamora served as a commander in the Yamam unit of the Israeli Border Police, according to the statement.

More than 200 Palestinians were killed in airstrikes in the same area, according to Hamas officials, in what would be one of the worst Israeli attacks of the war.

It was not immediately clear whether the hostage rescue and the Israeli airstrike were part of the same operation, but both took place in Gaza’s al-Nuseirat, an area with lots of construction and which has seen several clashes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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