Opinion: Bitcoin is about to crash

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Bitcoin (BTC) was able to recoup a little overnight after a short-term fall below $ 30,000. Today, June 23, the BTC rate rose to $ 34,230 (+ 4%).

However, the position of the majority of Russian analysts and officials has not changed. They are still extremely negative about cryptocurrency.

For example, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina called bitcoin a surrogate. She also spoke out against the recognition of digital currency as a payment instrument.

The Chairman of the Bank of Russia is supported by Alexander Pushko, who is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Communication Management at the Higher School of Economics.

The expert emphasized:


Nabiullina’s position is still shared by most serious economists.


Pushko referred to the results of the Bank of America poll. 80% of fund managers called Bitcoin a bubble.

Some investors decide to buy BTC. However, they hold a tiny fraction of their capital in cryptocurrency.

Many BTC fans often predict that the coin will reach $ 100,000 or even skyrocket to $ 500,000. However, such predictions cannot be trusted. On the contrary, we are increasingly convinced that bitcoin is volatile, and it will inevitably crash.

We are dealing with an ordinary pyramid, which will collapse as soon as investors begin to leave the cryptocurrency en masse, said Pushko.

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