Despite his growing legal troubles, Trump, buoyed by his relentless base, remains the favorite to be his party’s nominee in 2024.

While many Democrats see the disgraced and indicted former president as eminently beatable, they’ve been down this road before. The specter of Trump, just one step away from a return to the presidency, is both chilling and unifying.

Biden supporters have argued that, given the stakes, the party cannot afford a turbulent primary or a rookie candidate. So despite concerns about Biden’s durability and unrest still lingering among some progressives, Democrats will likely back the current president as their best bet to stop Trump from returning.

Having endured doubts about his age and toughness four years ago when he set out on his successful bid to oust Trump from the White House, Biden enters a new campaign relying on the wisdom of another famous Irish-American politician he likes to quote.

“Don’t compare me to the Almighty,” said the late mayor of Boston, Kevin White. “Compare me to the alternative”.