Opinion Poll Poll: The ‘favorites’ and the ‘outsiders’ in KINAL

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A strong lead of Andreas Loverdos and Nikos Androulakis in the race of the internal parties is recorded in a poll of Opinion Poll for tomanifesto.gr almost thirty days before the elections in KINAL. G. Papandreou follows and everything shows that the election of the new President will be judged between these three.

But thirty days is a long time in such battles. The height of the masses and the composition of those who will eventually vote, the development of the activity of the candidates that will intensify in the coming days, the crisis management during this period, and even possible mistakes will determine a lot. Moreover, it is important that three out of six candidates have recently declared their candidacy and will now unfold their activity, the impact of which remains to be seen.

The picture of the moment is as follows:

1. An elevated will to participate in the elections appears. 23.9% say YES and PROBABLY YES to the question if they have decided to participate. This percentage reaches 73.4% of the former KINAL voters, while 14.4% of N.D. and 16.1% of SYRIZA are moving in such a wavelength. In any case, there is a climate that presupposes a large mass that may surprise.

2. There is great expectation from these elections. 51.8% believe that these elections could mark a new beginning, a new beginning for KINAL. This percentage reaches 84.8% of the former KINAL voters. However, this view is also prevalent in other party audiences. For example, 57.3% in N.D. and 50.7% in SYRIZA believe the same.

3. In all the electoral questions for the first round and for the three possible twins of the second round, A. Loverdos leads, both in all those who from all parties declare that they will participate in the elections, as well as in the KINAL voters who will participate .

Opinion Poll Poll: The




In the first round the selection order as a whole is: A. Loverdos 31.7% – N. Androulakis 20.9% – George Papandreou 18.8% – Ch. Kastanidis 6.4% – P. Geroulanos 5.3%, P. Christidis 3.4%.


In the area of ​​KINAL the percentages are: A. Loverdos 31.6% – N. Androulakis 28.6% – G. Papandreou 21.6% – Ch. Kastanidis 7% – P. Christidis 3.5% – P. Geroulanos 2.8%.


In a possible second round, A. Loverdos prevails over N. Androulakis with 47.8% – 37.1% and G. Papandreou with 55.9% – 29.3% in total. In the area of ​​KINAL these are 46.6% -39.7% and 57.6% – 32.2% respectively.





In a possible duo N. Androulaki – G. Papandreou the former seems to prevail with 58.8% – 30.2% in total and 63.8% – 29.% in KINAL.



Some important facts about the views of KINAL voters: 48.7% say they are satisfied with the government’s work, while only 5.1% say they are satisfied with the opposition. 61.5% prefer Kyriakos Mitsotakis for Prime Minister, when A. Tsipras is elected by 7.7%. 46.5% choose ND – KINAL Cooperation Government, 17.7% autonomous ND Government, 12.7% SYRIZA – KINAL – DAY 25 Cooperation Government.


Source From: Capital

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