Optima bank: New era in capital transfers

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Optima bank innovates again, this time in the transfer of funds through Optima e-banking and Optima mobile app. The transfer of funds in Greece and abroad, from individuals and companies, via computer, mobile or tablet, is now a simple process.

Specifically, the Optima bank customer, regardless of day and time, chooses:

– the amount he wishes to transfer

the currency and

– the recipient

as it has done to date.

Bank with the new feature added to its digital channels, chooses:

– automatically the fastest and most optimal way to complete the transfer

– with direct credit to the beneficiary’s account, even in 10 ”,

– at the cost of a simple transfer!

The new feature introduced by Optima bank follows the broader philosophy of the bank regarding the service of its customers, offering simple, safe and fast procedures.

Alexandros Vlagoulis, Head of Marketing & Products of Optima bank, noted: “We continue with steady steps to continuously enhance and enrich the services to our customers, so that banking transactions are fast, simple and secure. We introduce, the transfer of funds is now an easy and fast process for our client. “With this goal in mind, we work and commit to providing even more innovative services to our customers.”

Source: Capital

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