OPTIMA’s sales at 20.1 million euros in 2021

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2021 was another successful year for OPTIMA SA, with total sales of 150.1 million euros, a performance that according to a relevant announcement, keeps it in first place in terms of market share in the entire cheese category. The corresponding sales of the company in 2020 had reached 140.9 million euros.

This increase is due both to the expansion of the company’s portfolio in related categories, such as frozen pies EPIROPITES and cereal bars ZEMYTHA, but also to the ongoing support of existing products and the expansion of distribution. According to the announcement, the brands that make up OPTIMA’s portfolio, established and popular, intertwined with quality, taste and tradition, with consistent and ongoing support in terms of commercial policy and communication, continue to be the driving force of the company. summarizing its timeless philosophy and the vision of its founder.

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OPTIMA’s profits in 2021 were 11.4 million euros, reduced compared to 2020, which is due to the company’s decision to absorb a significant part of the increased costs resulting from price increases in raw materials and energy.

OPTIMA CEO George Karabetsos said: “2021 was another link in the chain of success for the OPTIMA team. For the first time our sales exceeded the 150 million euro mark, stabilizing us at the top of the market. We have consistently implemented our development plan, with new launches and entry into new, related categories, we have expanded distributions to existing and new retail and HORECA customers, and, for another year, we have invested heavily in advertising, At a cost almost equal to the sum of our competitors’ cost, the decline in profitability was to be expected as a result of our strategic decision to absorb a large percentage of the increased production costs. OPTIMA for their dedication and trust: their success belongs to them, as we are already in the middle of nowhere. “This year, we see that our growth momentum seems to be maintained in 2022. We firmly believe that, for another year, we will achieve our financial and commercial goals, while creating added value for our customers and consumers.”

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Source: Capital

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