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Optimism will hold their third airdrop

Optimism Project Team stated about the third airdrop. 19 million OPs have been allocated for distribution, which will be distributed among 31,000 unique addresses.

The peculiarity of this drop is that it does not require branding tokens. The project team urged users not to interact with sites that claim otherwise.

The distribution began on September 18, 2023. Contract address:


Those users who delegated OP between January 20 and July 20, 2023 can count on a reward. The limit is 10,000 tokens per address.

Some of the holders are entitled to a bonus. To receive it, the candidate delegate had to vote for a management decision within a specified period.

Certain addresses are not included in the giveaway. This:

  • accounts with a score below 9,000 and 18,000 (with and without a bonus). It is calculated like this – the amount of OP multiplied by days;
  • addresses that delegated tokens for up to a week;
  • those accounts that have already taken part in the drop.

Detailed calculation of the expected number of OP available in the official release of the project team.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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