Orietta Berti and Osvaldo, the story of a love that began with a chocolate coffee

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There is no conversation that does not begin (or end) without “Osvaldo and I”. Only Osvaldo, with no surnames or other additions. This happens when a marriage has been going on since 1967, towards the age of 55 together. She is Orietta Berti, his Osvaldo Paterlini. And now that the 77-year-old singer from Cavriago returns to the Sanremo Festival – for the twelfth time – she could only do it with a song that also talks about Osvaldo. Is titled When you fell in love, and she sees their story inside: “Tell us about an encounter that becomes passion, a passion that lasts a lifetime as it happened to us », he revealed on the eve.

This time Osvaldo will not be there. He watches her from home, still recovering from a “bad Covid” that hit them both this fall. United also in the illness: «I quarreled with the doctors. I clearly said “yesand hospitalize him, then hospitalize me too “. They replied “but they’ll put him in the men’s department anyway, she in the women’s one, you won’t meet”. We have been ill, he more than me ».

Of their marriage, Orietta also told the most curious anecdote. During the wedding, in 1967, he was so excited that he didn’t say “yes”. Osvaldo just nodded. “Osvaldo did not say “yes”, he did it only with his head, but the priest took it for granted, ”she said in an episode of What’s the weather like. But the beauty of the story would come shortly after: «When they had to broadcast our ceremony on television, there was no ‘yes’ from Osvaldo. In the next study there was To the bathroom, which he was recording, and they asked him to dub it. ‘

Two sons, Omar and Otis, they met at a fair. Orietta still remembers the day – October 28, 1964 – and wrote it in her biography, Between red flags and holy water fonts. It was she who took the first step. “I invited him to my house to have a coffee, but he replied “I don’t like coffee, I don’t drink it” “. «’Mine is chocolate’», he replies. Osvaldo showed up at home with a piece of grits. «In the cafe he melted a chocolate for me», Osvaldo recalled. «His grandmother, on the other hand, took it aside. “He’s too thin,” he told her. “It doesn’t have to be healthy.”

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