Oriflame Business 5.2.2

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The Oriflame Business App lets you work wherever and whenever you want. You will get access to relevant, useful and understandable information that will help you make the right decisions for business growth.

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Everything you need – with a light movement of your hand: see statistics in real time, involve and motivate newcomers, communicate online with your team and activate all consultants of the Personal Group.

Keep the app close at hand:

  • Find recent and trending campaigns quickly;
  • Receive notifications about team progress in real time;
  • Control the percentage of recruiting;
  • Search your Personal Group;
  • See who placed the order (and who didn’t!);
  • Find and reactivate “sleeping” consultants;
  • Get in touch with the team, motivate and congratulate its members;
  • Track the main business indicators of the current directory on the quick access panel;
  • View the list of your starters, recruits and participants in the Launch Program;
  • See clear and colorful statistics in real time;
  • Find out immediately when starters are joining your Personal Group;
  • Provide convenient ways of communication for starters and other team members;
  • Receive up-to-date notifications, learn about product launches;
  • Add new recruits instantly;
  • Send group or personal messages.
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