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Oriol Junqueras asks that businessmen join the ERC project one day after the establishment of Pere Aragonès and the Government of Volkswagen and Seat

Only 24 after the absence of the representatives of the Generalitat at the event in which the Volkswagen Group announced its plans to produce electric cars at the Seat factory in Martorell (Barcelona), Oriol Junqueras has called on the business sector to join the project with which Esquerra Republicana intends to direct the Catalan government for the next four years.

At National Council that the party has celebrated this morning, its president has referred to the “very clear charge” that “the people who are suffering because of the pandemic and the crisis”He did in the elections of February 14:” Self-determination, amnesty and economic and social reconstruction with a left-wing parliamentary majority. ”

For this, less than a week before the constitution of the new Parliament and 20 days to expire the term of the investment, Junqueras has appealed to the forces with which the Republicans have been negotiating for three weeks [Junts, la CUP y En Comú Podem]: “Esquerra has always been up to the task and guarantees that it will act with the maximum responsibility and generosity. But we need the parties to behave with the same determination, overcoming possible selfish temptations, to make a Govern strong and stable as soon as possible. ”

The request of the independence leader has gone beyond politics, since it has also addressed “the economic and social agents and the large social and cultural entities of Cataluña”, who are” called to accompany the parties that have to assume this responsibility “, which passes through an Executive chaired by Pere AragonÚs.

The candidate and current acting head of the Catalan Government has also urged to reach “quickly” an agreement “solid, firm and of wide road”to achieve” the freedom of the prisoners, the return of the exiles and advance towards self-determination. “AragonÚs has requested that” all issues be addressed without vetoes “because the current moment demands” a new republican Generalitat “and” prestige the institutions of the country “.

The candidate to remain in command of the Government has made it clear that ERC is in charge of heading this project and has asked that the talks to seal an investiture and legislature agreement with “leftist policies that do not skimp on resources or investments or aid” and among whose challenges has highlighted “the fight for equality, rights and freedoms, and the necessary defeat of the far right”.

The broad front that Esquerra is seeking, which during the electoral campaign also included PDeCAT [no obtuvo representación parlamentaria el 14-F, it is still a toast to the sun. AragonÚs himself has referred today not to miss the opportunity to form “an independentista Government”, which distances En Comú Podem from that project, which only contemplates a three-way pact with ERC and the PSC.

Salvador Illa reaffirms itself

The Catalan Socialists held their National Council at precisely the same time, in which Salvador Illa reiterated his post-election message: “The change that took place on February 14 opens a new political time in Catalonia.” For the former minister, the results of the autonomous elections force him to appear for the investiture. Despite being the most voted force, the PSC still does not have the necessary support to govern, but its candidate reaffirms that the party “is at the center of gravity” of Catalan politics and its participation “is essential “to achieve” respected and dignified institutions that leave degradation behind and respect the Rule of law”.

Illa has spoiled the Government sit-in for the top leaders of Volkswagen and Seat, which took place just one day after the act of business unity in Barcelona in which 300 organizations demanded that the Catalan Executive focus its policies on economic recovery. “What happened yesterday is not boycotting the King or Pedro Sánchez, but playing with the progress of the Catalans,” he reproached.

The socialist aspirant considers that citizens have “the right to stability and predictability” and, in the same vein as the business manifesto promoted by the bosses Work Promotion Y Pimec, has criticized the “weak” response of the Generalitat to the vandalism in recent weeks: “Conflicts are managed, but violence is eradicated.” “We want Catalonia to be associated with progress and leadership, not with instability and disorder,” he concluded.

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