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Ortega is elected in Nicaragua for a fourth term; USA threatens sanction

Ortega is elected in Nicaragua for a fourth term; USA threatens sanction

The Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) of Nicaragua announced this Monday (8) the results of the questioned presidential elections held on Sunday (7) in the country.

According to the official organ, the Unidad Nicaragua Triunfa Alliance, led by the Sandinista National Front, won the election with 75% of the votes.

Nicaragua voted in elections that were questioned and described as “a parody” by international observers.

In these elections, the president and vice-president, 90 deputies of the National Assembly and 20 deputies of the Central American Parliament were chosen.

President Daniel Ortega wins his third re-election and fourth consecutive term. Another five parties launched presidential candidacies.

The current government is criticized for the arrest of opposition leaders. Furthermore, the electoral process is questioned by the United States, the European Union, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations for considering that there are no conditions for fair, democratic and well observed elections.

It was also marked by the cancellation of three political parties that would form part of the opposition National Coalition and Citizen Alliance, as well as the arrest of 39 opposition leaders between May 28 and October 21 – seven of them aspiring to the presidency.

With information from Diego Ore of Reuters.

(Translated text; read the original in Spanish)

Reference: CNN Brasil