Oscar Burgos confesses that his wedding with Karla Panini was “the most horrible thing in the world”

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The Mexican comedian Oscar Burgos has caused controversy by declaring in the Old Sea Wolves podcast, next to Poncho de Nigris, that his wedding with Karla Panini was a most horrible experience not only for him, but also for her. Their marriage was 14 years ago, when they both dedicated themselves to doing comedy for Televisa Monterrey, and despite the fact that each one has already rebuilt his life, the producer was very punctual in remembering it.

Because at that time they were both engaged in entertainment, Panini and Burgos received full sponsorship from the company in exchange for it being televised, which the comedian says was not pleasant at all.

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Oscar Burgos on his podcast

The wedding with Karla Panini was the most horrible thing in the world, for her and for me.

According to the interpreter of the Guarumo Dog, the wedding was highly mentioned for all the luxuries and excellent attention to the attendees, but, despite excellent service, they could not enjoy the celebration because they could not share with family or friends.

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Oscar Burgos and Panini at their wedding with Adal Ramones and Cecilia

We couldn’t be with our family, with our friends; They were photos and photos and photos. We couldn’t have dinner because, in addition, Televisa had the idea of ​​inviting people from the public.

Having invited people from the public, several celebrities decided not to attend and although Oscar cannot even remember which guests attended, he does remember that Televisa paid three musical groups to entertain the event, as well as the tickets and the banquet.

Oscar Burgos and Karla Panini at their wedding

However, after a while, the couple divorced on the best terms and, according to the statements that the driver gave to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante at the time, their breakup arose due to work commitments that did not allow them to be together. together and the distance undermined the relationship.

Source: Okchicas

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