OsmAnd 4.0.8

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OsmAnd – an application for those who travel a lot and want to freely navigate the terrain. Once in another city, we are faced with a number of problems: it is difficult to find even a bus stop. Passers-by are reluctant to answer, there are no pointers, and ordinary Google maps lead you into an unknown jungle. For such situations, the OsmAnd Maps & Navigation application exists. The program provides detailed information on the nearest hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment and simple stops.

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An important difference from most applications that use the map is that it has its own base, which does not interact with Google in any way. Hence some of the pros and cons of the app. In the pluses, you can write your own maps, which are constantly updated, providing the latest information about the area. Several shortcomings should also be noted. First, they are loaded in chunks. If you live, say, in Rostov-on-Don, then when you travel to another city, you will have to download its maps separately. Secondly, some settlements of the CIS countries are written in “transliteration”, which looks strange, since all restaurants, cafes, shops and other places are correctly displayed in Russian.

In addition to the usual map of the area, there is a category “My places”, where you can mark the places you like so that you can return to them soon, and there is a clear “Search” for everyone. If you have been told about a place, but you do not know where it is, feel free to use this function.

OsmAnd Maps & Navigation is a good program for both travelers and those who are poorly oriented in their city or eager to find interesting places.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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