Ostomy bag: doctor explains Luciano Szafir’s treatment

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In this Monday’s edition (22) of the Medical Correspondent chart, of Novo Dia, neurosurgeon Fernando Gomes spoke about ostomy bag.

The theme was motivated by the striking image of last week, at São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), when actor and model Luciano Szafir entered the runway wearing an ostomy bag. He has used the item since he faced complications from Covid-19. Szafir was hospitalized for over a month because of the disease.

According to the actor, the idea of ​​parading like this was to raise awareness about breaking the stigma surrounding the use of the bag.

“It’s important that we can talk about this because ostomies in general help save lives and sometimes represent an intermediary step in a treatment, not meaning that its use is definitive,” said the doctor.

Fernando Gomes explained that there are several types of ostemias: tracheostomy, gastrostomy and colostomy are some of the most common.

“Ostomies are openings surgically made to promote a time in which the individual can heal or benefit from external interference, for example, in the tracheostomy, to place a ventilation device”, he said.

In the case of colostomy, the treatment carried out by Szafir, the objective is to divert the flow of the digestive tract to make it possible for part of the intestine to have time to heal and then the intestinal transit can be redone, said the doctor.

“In a colostomy, an opening in the intestine is exposed and a bag is placed to collect stool. In these cases, special care is taken with the healing process so that the individual does not experience a nutritional problem during this process”, pointed out Gomes.

(Posted by: André Rigue)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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