OTE Group participates in The Boardroom supporting the empowerment of women in the workplace

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OTE Group, faithful to its vision for the creation of a world without discrimination and with equal opportunities for all, supports The Boardroom Greece, with the inclusion of Elena Papadopoulou, Chief Human Resources Officer of OTE Group, in the advisory board of the organization.

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Ms. Papadopoulou’s participation in The Boardroom marks another step towards promoting gender equality at work, through the representation of high-ranking positions by women professionals. This move confirms that the OTE Group is fulfilling its role as the largest technology company in the country, actively contributing to the strengthening of the position of women in the modern working environment.

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Ms. Papadopoulou said: “In the new digital age, companies need leaders who can successfully meet the ever-changing needs of customers, but also of employees themselves, who reflect the diversity of society itself. The Group “OTE, with technology as a vehicle, is building solid foundations for creating a world better for all, without exclusions. It is our pleasure to participate in The Boardroom Greece, a place of exchange of views for a better tomorrow”.

The Boardroom is a networking site for renowned women professionals and senior executives in senior management positions. Its goal is to prepare and support highly trained women, in order to occupy positions on Boards of Directors and to contribute with their experience to the strategic development of companies, through qualified training and strategic networking.

Having integrated a comprehensive Policy of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, in the context of sustainable development initiatives, the OTE Group is one of the leading employers in Greece and has proven to meet the challenges of the time.

Offering consistently equal opportunities for professional development and growth, for the last three years OTE Group has been firmly part of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index, one of the most important international business indicators of sustainable development in terms of gender equality and strengthening the position of women at work. At the same time, he is a founding member of the Charter of Diversity in Greece, an initiative of the European Commission for the promotion of Diversity in Greek companies.

Source: Capital

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