Otkritie Bank: 47% of Russians are ready to use the digital ruble

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According to the results of a survey conducted by Otkritie Bank, 47% of Russians are ready to use the digital ruble for payments, and 15% of respondents perceive digital currency negatively.

It is interesting that the residents of the North-West District perceive the digital ruble most positively – 55% of respondents spoke in favor of using the national cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. The digital currency is least trusted in St. Petersburg (41%), in the Far East and in the Southern Federal District (42% each).

As for 15% of respondents who are negative about the use of the digital ruble, the main reasons for their attitude to such an asset, they named the possibility of fraud and lack of knowledge on how to use digital currency. Some have stressed that they have a personal distrust of digital assets.

The residents of St. Petersburg and the Southern Federal District are best aware of the Bank of Russia initiative to issue the digital ruble, and the residents of the North Caucasus Federal District and the Volga Federal District have heard the least about the asset.

According to 57% of respondents, digital money will replace conventional money in the future. 12% expect this to happen in 2-3 years, and 45% are confident that it will take 10 to 15 years. 22% of respondents believe that fiat money will never leave the market.

Also, as part of the survey of Otkritie Bank, respondents were asked about their attitude to cryptocurrencies. It turned out that 7% of those surveyed had already tried buying and selling cryptoassets. Cryptocurrencies were more often dealt with in the Far East (17%) and in the North Caucasus (15%). But in the central parts of Russia, on the contrary – in the Urals, only 2% of respondents bought or sold cryptoassets.

For 63% of respondents, the topic of cryptocurrencies is interesting and they would like to invest in them. The purpose of such investments is called profit, since cryptocurrencies are “constantly growing in value.” At the same time, 14% of respondents are not going to deal with cryptocurrencies ever.

A thousand men and women from 18 to 65 years old took part in the survey.

Earlier, the Association of Banks of Russia warned that the introduction of the digital ruble would entail the same cybersecurity risks as with non-cash payments.

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