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“Our intention is to run again,” says Joe Biden of presidential election

US President Joe Biden said at a press conference on Wednesday that he remains intent on running for re-election in 2024.

Asked how he interprets the results of these elections in terms of seeking another term – and whether the results make him more likely – he said they did not affect his and his family’s thinking.

“Our intention is to compete again. That has been our intention. Regardless of the outcome of this election,” Biden said after joking that his wife Jill, who was sitting in the audience, would be more popular than he was in the Democratic Party.

Asked when he will be able to announce his candidacy for reelection, the president pointed out that it is possible that he will do so at the beginning of next year.

“My guess is I hope Jill and I have time to really get away for a week or so between Christmas and Thanksgiving. And my guess is that it would be at the beginning of next year that we will make this judgment”, he pondered. He called the decision “family friendly”.

Result of midterm elections

Biden opened his speech Wednesday afternoon calling the midterm elections “a good day for democracy” and a “good day for America.”

“The American people have spoken, it shows that Democracy is who we are,” the president said. He added that the election took place “without much interference”.

While acknowledging that all the results are not available, Biden went on to discuss the ones we know of at this stage.

“While the press and pundits are predicting a giant red wave [vitória majoritária do Partido Republicano], This did not happened. I know you were a little annoyed by my obsessive optimism, but I felt good throughout the entire process.”

Biden said any seat his party lost was painful, but that he “lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than the first midterm election of any Democratic president in 40 years.”

*published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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