Outdoor masks and closed discos: the new rules against the Omicron variant

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A few hours after Christmas, the government launches new rules to contain the variante Omicron, already prevalent in parts of Europe, for holidays, but also for the long term. The Festivity decree includes new obligations and restrictions with the return of the obligation of outdoor masks and the closure of discos. The numbers of variant infections that grow very fast and for this reason it is necessary to speed up the vaccination campaign and beyond.

Change the duration of the Green Pass: from 9 months to 6 months starting from February 2022. The date was chosen to give as many people time as possible to take the third dose and not get caught.

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The third dose is anticipated. The minimum period for administering the booster dose is 5 to 4 months after the second dose.

Also in the white area there is theobligation to bring masks outdoors. It already happens in many cities and in some regions that have established the obligation for the month of December and the holiday period.

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No more surgical masks or cloth masks. Obligation to wear a model Ffp2 in cinemas, theaters, museums, at stadiums and for sporting events and also on long-distance transport and local public transport. The possibility of controlled prices is evaluated. It is also forbidden to eat and drink indoors, in cinemas, theaters and at sporting events.

The Reinforced Green Pass, what you get with healing or vaccines, to consume at the bar. Enhanced certification also becomes mandatory for museums, bingo halls, theme parks, social centers.

Events and parties that involve gatherings even outdoors are also prohibited until January 31st. Three doses of the vaccine or two doses and a negative swab are then needed to enter the RSA from December 30th. Discos and dance halls closed until January 31st. Afterwards you will enter with the same rules as the RSA.


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