Overassata: the championship of the past (and Judge Andy Luotto’s recipe)

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And on the pasta, is on pizza, the absolute protagonist of many traditional Italian dishes, and to think that when the tomato it arrived in Italy imported from America just “discovered” by Columbus, it was believed that it was not even edible. Luckily someone had the courage to put it to the test: in the South, already around the 16th century, kitchens began to smell of fried tomatoes and the leap from pan to pot for so many other wonderful recipes was short. Since then the tomato has never been missing on our tables e in summer, when the juiciest arrive in the fields, is the protagonist of one party of many families: the preparation of the tomato sauce.

One moment sharing, as well as a still very current tradition, an integral part of our culture, to remind us how important it is now the Italian championship of strictly homemade tomato sauce: is called “Strapassata”, promoted by Tre Spade, a historic manufacturer of equipment for food processing and storage, and to participate, just send, until July 15, your recipe with a photo on strapassata.it and then post it on Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtag #strapassata and the mention @trespadeofficial.

The winner will be a jury of experts and enthusiasts chaired by the actor and cook Andy Credit. “With the Strapassata – he says – digital blends with one of the most beloved Italian traditions, which has brought joy and familiarity to the tables of all of us”. “I still remember, when I was a child, of perfume given off by the homemade past that was made in the summer and that I find again today when I make this recipe again. It is right to recognize and motivate these values ​​that have the scents of good food and envelop you like a hug “, continues Luotto who, for the occasion, shared with VanityFair.it the recipe for his tomato sauce, which you can find in the gallery above.

It is somewhere in between the classic sauce and concentrate, to be used a few tablespoons at a time to make sauces tastier, and made with three different types of tomatoes. «For me – says Luotto – it is essential to use various types of tomatoes because they give more flavor. The other golden rule is not to use refrigerated tomatoes: for the past they are taken directly from the field».

«To judge, since you will not be able to taste it, I will base myself on this but also on the color of the past, its density and above all its history. I would like to know the story behind these tomatoes, the story of the family who makes the past and shares this moment which then is now also an opportunity to return to being together in joy ».

The four parameters of judgment established by the competition are ingredients, method of preparation, method of conservation and storytelling. Based on these, five awards will be awarded: best traditional recipe, best creative recipe, best photo or video of the recipe, best atmosphere during preparation, best recipe made by a single personis. The best 20 recipes of all will be collected and published in the “Special Cookbook” published by Tre Spade. To see Andy Luotto’s recipe, browse the gallery above

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