Overwatch will add an inferior crossplay: not what many expected

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Yesterday, June 9, on the official website of the Overwatch game, news appeared that the project will still receive crossplay support – the function will be implemented on absolutely all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch … However, the gamers were not happy for long – in the FAQ, the developers mentioned some features of the crossplay that can spoil the mood of the shooter fans. To begin with, there will be no cross-platform progress in Overwatch even after the launch of crossplay in release. This means that on each of the platforms, the gamer will need to start all over again, which is not good news.

The developers said that, perhaps in the future, this function will appear, but they did not provide exact information. Another rather important detail is that crossplay will not work in competitive mode. That is, gamers will not be allowed to play with friends from other platforms in the same team, raising their rating, but in all other modes, crossplay will be supported. In addition, the PC crossplay feature will be enabled by default and, most importantly, cannot be disabled. At the same time, developers will not send PC gamers to the lobby, where there are only owners of consoles, even if the player on the computer uses a gamepad.

But on consoles, you can turn off crossplay in order to play only with opponents from the same platform. Also, the developers noted that in the lobby where there are PC gamers, aiming assistance on consoles will be disabled – you will have to shoot from the gamepad yourself. Blizzard promised to start beta testing of crossplay before the end of the current season, which ends at the end of June 2021. This means that next month gamers will be able to fight together from different platforms.

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