P. Christidis: ‘Above all we must become a Movement again’

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“I believe in bottom-up politics, with real interest and solutions to the injustices, inequalities, unworthiness and opacity that thousands of our fellow citizens face every day. I believe in a policy that gives opportunities, I believe in politicians who do what they say. “I unite my voice with the thousands of other voices that believe that the PASOK of the new era is the hope to change our lives again”, the candidate for the presidency of KINAL, Pavlos Christidis, emphasizes in an interview with “Efimerida ton Syntakton”. He also notes that “renewal is primarily a value, a political issue and secondarily a generational one”.

P. Christidis states that he is already working as a union, “because I am interested in the perspective of the party. That is why my campaign is far from miserable attacks against my fellow candidates. My confrontation is in political terms and not in personal terms”. “Cohesion is ensured by diligence and work, which I am not afraid of. An artificial cohesion of stitching together the personal aspirations of old and new executives does not concern me – it will be fragile anyway. I am concerned about cohesion built from joint work,” he added.

Asked about progressive governance, he replied, among other things, that it is “governance with respect for institutions and openness to the world, especially to those whose voices are less heard. The debate on the redefinition of the Movement is offensive. “I want citizens to sit together, to solve problems.”

Regarding the name under which the party will march the next day, Pavlos Christidis said that “our Movement is guided by principles, values ​​and ideology. We have no doubt about our identity – we are a modern social democratic party with faith in the social “Progressive Greeks gave content and value to” PASOK “, we give content and value to our Movement today. I believe that above all we must become a Movement again, together with the citizens”.

Pavlos Christidis also talks in his interview about Fofi Gennimata, of whom he was a close collaborator, and concludes his interview by stating, “He grew up, he opened it to the world. And this is a legacy that we should all honor.”

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