P. Christidis: The election of a president in KINAL is a great opportunity for the party to star

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“The elections and the election of a president in KINAL mark the great opportunity we have for our party to play a leading role again and to express the hope and strength that PASOK has historically had, but also to walk confidently on the path that has paved the last six years Fofi Gennimata “. This was stated by the candidate and former spokesman Pavlos Christidis, who has been touring in Rethymno since the morning. “The internal party elections are the opportunity, the hope to give a voice to the underprivileged, just as Andreas Papandreou did and gave a voice in 1981, to all the social strata that were at that time, apart from his economic and social life. “said Mr. Christidis who was in Anogia and Mylopotamos where he met with mayors, executives of the movement, voters and members.

Speaking to APE-MPE about the mistakes of the past, Pavlos Christidis said: “We learned from these mistakes and realized what went wrong, with the most important thing that our party should not feel that it is the center of developments, but that the a citizen should be at the center of developments and feel that we are listening to him, that we respect his proposals, that we are doing them “.

Referring to the young people, he said that he finds that they are returning to politics, “the participation of young people is an optimistic message for the future of the party and the future of the country. The aim is to enable all these young people to believe again, that their presence can change the data, reverse the difficulties, face the inequalities “.

Regarding the great period where difficulties are the protagonists in the daily life of Greeks, due to economic crisis and pandemic, Pavlos Christidis said: “The consequences of the crisis, economic and coronavirus, we will see more clearly in the coming years. Everything affects employment relations, the living conditions of the average Greek but also of the average citizen in the global village, which means that we must protect working conditions, give perspective to the worker, make the right decisions. the risk – and because of the digital age – of creating problems with young unemployed because of it “.

For the next day after the internal party elections, Pavlos Christidis clarified that with him as president of KINAL – PASOK there is no possibility for cooperation with New Democracy or SYRIZA. “With neither of them. These are questions that have been answered even since I was a KINAL spokesperson. It is a road we have paved, a road to success, because citizens are not interested in communications, contacts, top transactions. For a new relationship with our party, personally all my attention is focused on the way in which, the injured, wounded relationship we left with the Greeks in previous years, to heal it, to restore it, to all together form a new “Our goal can be none other than to be protagonists in the future of the country.”

Regarding the absence of George Papandreou in the debate, Mr. Christidis told APE-MPE: “I have exhausted and will exhaust all possibilities for all the candidates to participate in this debate, which I believe will help the citizens to draw conclusions. in view of the electoral contest “.

During his tour in Rethymno, Mr. Christidis spoke about the island of democracy, as he characterized it, “the island of games, of beautiful people, where there is a good atmosphere for our movement. I meet all the everyday people who in Primary sector, farmers, stockbreeders, tourism workers have been working hard all these years and feel that both the previous and the current government are doing nothing for them. “Crete must be resolved. Crete is the island for which we must strengthen structures and infrastructure but also protect Cretan products by strengthening the local economy.”

Source: AMPE


Source From: Capital

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