P. Christidis: The starting point of PASOK’s rebirth is the elections of December 5

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With the triptych of “the glorious past, the hopeful present and the great future of PASOK” as the central axis of his speech last night in Alexandroupolis, the candidate for the presidency of the Movement for Change, Pavlos Christidis completed his two-day visit.

The glorious past

Outlining the society that PASOK has historically created “by making ruptures, cuts and upheavals on the basis of problems”, with decisions “that were not easy and that created problems in our relations with the Greek people…” and having over time “a core of ideas, values ​​that the future always showed “, Mr. Christidis spoke about a society that fought and overcame great inequalities, in which the underprivileged Greek gained a voice. “It was our faction that shaped a strong Greece with a presence in the decision-making centers, with real progress, with a standard of living that changed from year to year,” he said.

The hopeful present

Considering that today we do not have the Greece we deserve, he referred to the economy and “the daily precision that burdens everything”, to the public debt, the red loans, the problems of small and medium enterprises, the obstacles that constantly enter the new generation, the which “cannot function, act, live as the generation of its parents lived 20 years ago”. He harshly criticized ND and SYRIZA, talking about clientelism, unworthiness, opacity, cultivation of low expectations and speeds and division of Greek society for partisan benefits. He expressed the belief that the reversal of the current situation can be done by forming a framework, which has brave changes. “It is something that I believe must change and neither ND nor SYRIZA can change it, only we can change it with deep cuts and policies in the life of the place, with institutional reforms, with more transparency, with more meritocracy “, hitting the cartels, hitting the closed systems”, noted Mr. Christidis.

The great future

The elections of December 5 will be, according to Mr. Christidis, the starting point of the rebirth of PASOK. “I believe that PASOK is here to become a protagonist again, not to compromise with a position of accomplice. It has a glorious past, a hopeful present, it has a great future. As long as we take the fate of the party into our own hands,” he stressed. Giving the stigma of the reborn PASOK, he stated that this will be in line with the needs of the time, will listen to the citizens, will present solutions to their problems, will bring politics as close as possible to the citizens, will form with them a new, better tomorrow.

“I’m here and I’m a candidate because I think we have to dream again… Because I think we have no right to compromise… to let anyone decide for us without being there to claim new hope… “, concluded the candidate for president of the Movement for Change.

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