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P. Skourletis: Excessive complacency about the pandemic by the government

The vast majority of the world considers the management of accuracy by the government to have failed, that its relationship with society has broken down. Apparently that is why Mr. Mitsotakis, who himself was leaking the possibility of early elections, now seems to be postponing them, in order to avoid this situation. At the same time, the government is cultivating an excessive complacency about the pandemic, a tactic we have paid for in the past, pointed out, among others, the Parliamentary Representative of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and Member of Parliament, Panos Skourletis, (SKAI).

In the same context, he stated:

* The government cultivates excessive complacency and I say this because I do not see some self-evident things being done. Mrs. Pagoni cannot go out on her own – and she is doing well – to say the obvious and at the same time we see that the communication campaign that says the minimum has subsided. The case of tracking has also subsided. Tracing is not a measure, it is the appropriate way to be able to deal with a case if you have one, to limit it so that we do not have dispersion in the community. In the entire Northern Sector, currently only Marousi has a mobile unit for someone to go and get tested.

* There is also a different approach to cases, depending on whether someone is a Greek citizen or a tourist. For what reason; A case is a case. The tourist can move completely freely, there is no real control. We are a tourist destination and we paid, in the first phase of the pandemic, for the carelessness that existed then, with the explosion that followed the following autumn. (…) Eurostat yesterday said that Greece has risen very high in matters of excess mortality. We are the first in Europe.

* Mr. Mitsotakis and his entourage who were the ones who were leaking the possibility of elections and had essentially given the “green light” to the candidate MPs and executives to go right and left, now changed their stance, apparently seeing the uncertainty in relation to the result and measuring things as he thinks best.

* The government is currently experiencing a great contradiction. She sees that the ground is giving way under her feet, her relationship with society has been broken. There is a huge qualitative difference from a year ago. The vast majority, more than 85% of the people say that they have failed in matters of managing accuracy, so perhaps wanting to bypass this situation, they go to the elections later, but later it will be worse, because the policy that follows accelerates the problems.

Source: Capital

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