P. Skourletis: The failure of the government in the face of the problem of accuracy is catastrophic

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The government continues to move towards the protection of speculative energy companies and does not change the electricity pricing mechanism that allows this speculation. Also, it does not reduce excise duties on fuel and, in general, it continues not to intervene effectively in the problem of accuracy, pointed out the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, State MP,

In this context (Mega Weekend), he said, among other things:

For 8-9 months we have had the least possible and ineffective measures, just a description of the situation, while next to us in Europe, we have visible examples of countries, in Spain, Portugal, France, that have effectively dealt with the wave of accuracy.

The government is coming to announce measures that are still protective of the companies that have speculated. He imposed, through the prime minister, on the supposedly independent Energy Regulatory Authority, a way to find the super-profits – which a few months ago said “let’s see if they exist”, they were forced to accept that they exist and then tried to change their name by speaking for “surplus revenue” – in such a way that companies pay the least possible.

The government does not change the speculative mechanism in the wholesale price of the electricity market. Why continue to shape the price of electricity on the wholesale market based on the marginal price? Why will expensive gas continue to drag cheap energy from hydropower and RES into price formation? We see a catastrophic failure.

We have been saying very specific things since last fall. Suspension of operation of the energy exchange, decoupling of the wholesale price from natural gas, ceiling on retail, ceiling on wholesale and reduction of excise duty on fuel.

Even if we have specific resources available to respond to these problems, it is better to spend this money to address their root cause, rather than when the problem has arisen, inflation has skyrocketed and soaring prices, to intervene “firefighting”. This is the mistake that the ND government made in terms of accuracy.


Source: Capital

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