P. Tsakloglou: Aim in 1555 to become part of the daily life of the insured

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“1555 is not a simple telephone center, but a modern business center for managing and monitoring the requests of the citizens, for all the services and the supervised bodies of the Ministry”, said today in the Parliament the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Panos Tsakloglou , during his answer to a relevant topical question in the context of parliamentary scrutiny.

As Mr. Tsakloglou stressed, “our goal is for 1555 to become part of everyday life, and the main channel of communication of the citizens for their insurance, pension, employment, welfare and other related issues”, while pointing out that the portfolio of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, concerns potentially all citizens (e-EFKA, SEPE, OPEC, OAED).

Mr. Tsakloglou presented specific data on the operation of the new call center and its acceptance by the insured, noting that the new service “meets the acceptance of the citizens, as shown by the more than 430,000 calls received in the 100 days of the pilot operation “Of these, more than 97% responded. Of these, 85% of requests were resolved promptly by trained answering machines, 13% were referred to special support teams, and only 2% remain pending.”

Referring to the previous situation of the old telephone exchange of E-EFKA, Mr. Tsakloglou noted that “the capacity of the old telephone exchange of e-EFKA answered only 800 calls per day, with an average waiting time of 20 minutes, while it was unable to answer the 1/3 of the calls either because it did not have enough staff during peak hours or because the citizens waited for a long time “.

“We invited the five largest companies operating in Greece (Deloitte, PwC, Grand Thorton, KPMG, EY), just to have transparency, but also to minimize the possibility of our attempt failing,” said Mr. Tsakloglou.

“The companies that were selected for the implementation of the project are the largest with the aim of high quality of the result. “They were hesitant at first, as the challenge of serving such a large number of citizens on such complex issues was great, while the price was on the verge of cost,” said the Undersecretary of Labor and Social Affairs.

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, analyzing the operation of the new unified call center, pointed out the following:
• Citizens respond immediately to their requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and completely free of charge.
• We answer all phone calls, immediately, without delay and free of charge.
• The requests of the citizens are recorded in their entirety and we now have full knowledge of the issues that concern the citizens.
• Complex requests that are not resolved in the first line, are forwarded and charged to specific qualified employees of our services, who communicate with citizens within a reasonable time, and either resolve the issue, or inform them of the time it will take to settled.

“All of the above is confirmed by the citizens themselves”, said Mr. Tsakloglou, pointing out that “in a survey conducted in August on citizens who had used in 1555 and even for their complex cases, 8 out of 10 said that it was enough or very satisfied with its operation, but also the answer they received “.


Source From: Capital

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