Pabllo Vittar is accused of plagiarism and can pay R$ 1 million; listen and compare versions

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The singer Pablo Vittar is being accused of plagiarism for the song “Love Suffers Cry ”, from the album “Batidão Tropical”, can get a compensation of R$ 1 million.

The action for moral damages was filed by composer Herlomm Grand (Gerlomm Diosly) in the 43rd Civil Court of the District of São Paulo.

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The artist claims to have noticed great similarities in “title, lyrics, melody and content of the story told” between his music “Love Suffer Cry “, recorded on June 16, 2019, and the song by Pabllo Vittar, written by Rodrigo Gorky, Pablo Bispo, Arthur Marques, Arthur Pampolin Gomes and Guilherme dos Santos Pereira.

“Therefore, he chose to sue the court and ensure his rights over the work”, added a note from his press office.

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The pop singer’s team, in turn, claims to have learned of the process from the press.

“In spite of not having received any notification or citation to date, the Artist, through her team, examined the recording of the allegedly plagiarized work and verified that there is no chance of plagiarism occurring, since the musical works are totally distinct, there being nothing that can, at least, lead to this conclusion”, says Vittar’s advice.

The document adds that the artist “has not committed any type of copyright infringement and does not condone the misappropriation of any kind of intellectual property”.

“This is an evidently frivolous accusation, without any foundation, which will be duly contested at the appropriate time”, concludes the note.

Listen and compare:

  • Pabllo Vittar – Ama Sofre Chora

  • Herlomm Grand – Love Suffer Cry

Source: CNN Brasil

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