«Pablo», the first cartoon that explains autism to children

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Explain theautism to children (and not only). This is the intent behind “Pablo”, the new cartoon aired every afternoon at 18.00 its Rai Yoyo (channel 43) but also, in reply, in the morning at 9.35.

Protagonist of the series – created by Grainne McGuinness, directed by David McGrath and originally transmitted in UK – is, in fact, Pablo, a child suffering from autism and equipped with a great talent for drawing. In each episode, the little protagonist runs into some everyday problems or in situations that does not understand. But then, thanks to his imagination and his skill in drawing, the problem of the moment it comes to life in a fantasy world he animals depicted by him on the card materialize, becoming so special friends ready to go to his rescue. There is Linda, a shy but determined mouse; Frullo, an energetic little bird; Dino, a large dinosaur and Raffa, a very intelligent giraffe.

From time to time, all of these special animals – which, on closer inspection, correspond to various aspects of personality of Pablo, as well as that of many other children suffering from autism – will offer to the little one surprising solutions and effective to problems previously experienced by him as insurmountable. But not only. All of these special animals they will be able to advise Pablo how to behave to be including also from others. In short, thanks to this special animal team, each small or large daily challenge of Pablo will turn into one fantastic adventure to live together and in sharing useful solutions for everyone.

The idea of address the topic of autism with a cartoon falls within the objective pursued by Rai – come Public Service – to address everyone. Offering engaging stories and of formative value. The animated series of Pablo, fresh from nominations for the BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards), is also available on RaiPlay, both in Italian and in English.

Thing: cartoon “Pablo”
Dove: Rai Yoyo (channel 43) and RayPlay
When: every day at 18.00 (replicas at 9.35)

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