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Paid Instagram and Facebook: would you still stay on social media?

It’s not the first time that non-free versions of social media have been talked about, above all the blue tick of Twitter, now X. Now the voice has an authoritative source. According to New York TimesMeta would be considering a paid version of Instagram and Facebook to be launched in the European Union. Three different sources would have confirmed it to the American newspaper.

The paid version of Instagram and Facebook would not be mandatory, but optional. The two social networks have always been said to be free. It will be an option to choose to use social networks without seeing advertisements in the Feed. Users would not have ads that are based on profiling and that make social networks and companies that turn to them to reach audiences earn.

Meta’s choice would be a response to European policies that aim to limit data collection in Europe, according to privacy laws. With the subscription, social networks would still have an income.

Already in 2018, a data protection regulation came into force in Europe. Meta had to pay fines for violating it: one of 265 million euros, one of 225 million and one of 17 million. instead, it appealed for the fine on the transfer of European citizens’ data to the United States. Since last July, Meta has not been able to cross-reference the data collected through the various platforms: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. To do this, you need the user’s consent. The obligation of personalized ads resulted in a fine of 390 million euros.

If Meta were to give a choice, it would put itself in a different position vis-à-vis the European institutions. It would no longer be an obligation for citizens to provide information, but a free choice. European intervention would be of lesser weight. There is no information on an official departure announcement or on the cost of the possible subscription. There has been no comment from Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Source: Vanity Fair

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