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Painting of the horse Caramelo is auctioned for R$130,000 to help victims of the rains in RS

A painting of the horse Caramelo, which became known throughout Brazil after spending four days islanded on the roof of a house in the city of Canoas, was auctioned for R$130,000 in an action to raise donations for the victims of the rains in Rio Grande do Sul, on Monday night (13).

Organized by the Rio Grande do Sul Rural Auctioneers Union (Sindilei-RS), the auction raised a total of R$ 1.2 million with works such as a surfboard and a t-shirt donated by surfer Gabriel Medina, Santos and Brazilian team t-shirts, both autographed by King Pelé, and also replicas of Ayrton Senna's helmets and the t-shirt worn in model Gisele Bündchen's last fashion show. In total, around 94 works were donated to the auction.

According to the organizers of the event, named Martelo Solidário, all the money will be placed in the union's own account and will be allocated, as required, to entities that provide support for the relief of those affected and for the reconstruction of the state.

The painting of the horse Caramelo is by Argentine artist José Acuña and is 56 centimeters wide by 47 centimeters high. The image depicts the scene that went viral on social media, of the animal caught resisting on the roof. In addition to the painting, the work was auctioned alongside a poem by singer and rancher Gujo Teixeira.

The horse was rescued last Thursday morning (9) by teams from the São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul Fire Departments and volunteers. The horse was transported to the Ulbra Veterinary Hospital by the Military Brigade cavalry and is still undergoing treatment.

According to the veterinarian who has monitored Caramelo's treatment since his arrival, the animal's health continues to progress very well. This Monday (13), the medical team stated that “all parameters are within normal limits”, and that new blood tests were carried out to continue monitoring the case.

Due to the success of the action, the Martelo Solidário organization stated that it is planning a new auction for next Saturday (18), as new donations continue to arrive.

Source: CNN Brasil

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