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Pakistan got into trouble with Malala because of her association with Hillary Clinton

Malala Yousafzai's appearance at the premiere of a musical comedy about the suffragettes that she co-produced with Hillary Clinton has caused a storm of reaction in Pakistan. Anonymous and famous alike criticized her for appearing on Broadway alongside the former US secretary of state — during whose days US drones had repeatedly killed civilians in Pakistan — and for not speaking out against the war on the Gaza Strip, attributing her “two measures and two stations”. Although Malala Yousafzai, 26, is described as a dedicated defender of women's rights and is respected internationally, Islamist circles and much of the public in Pakistan see her as a “US agent” on a mission to corrupt the youth. However, after the premiere of the show “Suffs”, the circle of critics has widened, now it has even included forms of feminism in Pakistan. “I've believed in Malala tooth and nail all these years, but somewhere around here I'm giving up. It made it incredibly difficult to defend her […]
Source: News Beast

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