Pakistan: Kamikaze bomber kills at least 4

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The Taliban movement in Pakistan (JTI) took responsibility for kamikaze attack which claimed the lives of four Pakistani paramilitaries yesterday Sunday in Quetta (southwest), according to a statement cited by SITE, a US private organization that systematically monitors jihadist activity online.

A spokesman for the Pakistani police’s counter-terrorism directorate confirmed the attack.

A suicide bomber on a motorcycle attacked members of the Border Guard. He was wearing an explosives vest and was riding a motorcycle on which explosives had also been placed. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police recruiting center in Quetta, the Pakistani Taliban said.

The attack on the city, which is not far from its borders Pakistan with Afghanistan, was committed while members of the Shiite minority of Khazars had set up stalls and sold vegetables in the district.

Three paramilitaries were killed on the spot and a fourth succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards, Azar Akram, a senior Pakistani police officer, told AFP. According to the officer, 6 kilos of explosives were placed on the motorcycle.

Seventeen other paramilitaries were injured, as were two civilians, he said. Three of the injured are being treated in hospital in critical condition.

The JCC claimed in a statement that “more than 30 members” of the Border Guard were “killed or injured” in the attack.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the “IST attack” via Twitter, paying tribute to the fallen members of the security forces.

Khazars, a minority Shiite in a predominantly Sunni country, are often attacked by Sunni extremists who consider them heretical heretics.

The paramilitaries in charge of guarding the Pakistan-Afghanistan border have been under attack for years in Balochistan province, where in addition to the Pakistani Taliban and jihadists, separatist organizations are also active.

The JTI is the organizational umbrella of more than ten armed organizations operating in Pakistan. Some 70,000 people have been killed in its attacks in the last two decades. Its members carried out 32 attacks against Pakistani military and police in August, the German Agency reported a few days ago.

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