Palermo, accused of violence against his daughter by his ex-wife, acquitted thanks to the testimony of the child

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He lived in prison and wore the most shameful mark for six years. A 62-year-old Court of Auditors official was accused of sexual assault on his daughter, and only now, after a grueling legal battle, has he been fully acquitted by the court: he did not commit sexual violence against his daughter and is not responsible for abuse in the family.

It was the ex-wife who concocted the castle of lies, pitting the daughter against her father. “When I entered the prison I was lost, only after the cell doors closed did I realize that my life as a good person had been destroyed», Explained the official, originally from Marineo (Palermo), a Republic. “The world has collapsed on me. I do not wish anyone to spend two weeks behind bars on charges of raping their own daughter. The other inmates consider you scum, you are considered the worst there is. “

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After ten years of marriage, at the time of separation and division of property and money, the ex-wife “wanted everything, he wanted to ruin meshe blamed me for a life she couldn’t have with her previous boyfriend, the only one she said she loved and her parents didn’t want her to marry. “

The woman reported to the carabinieri and the precautionary measure was taken: «When the carabinieri summoned me to the barracks, I never thought it was to notify me of the custody order. Instead from there I rolled into the abyss: I could not understand, I hadn’t done anything wrong, I loved my children and would never twist a hair of them. Yet no one believed me ». The prosecutor asked for an indictment.

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“The lady (as the ex-wife calls her) told her what to say to the carabinieri and the judges to set me up:” So we’ll fuck daddy, we’ll take the house and the money. ” Obscene phrases to say to a daughter. Luckily my little girl since then, in front of the judges, has not been able to be ruthlessshe has never stopped loving me and in the end it is thanks to her and my lawyers that I can now go back to walking with my head held high ”

Now the father and daughter live together, and she “is my joy, if I am here it is thanks to her that she found the strength to tell the truth in the classroom, to rebel against the threats and falsehoods that her mother asked her to say. “.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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