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Pamela Anderson: make room in the closet, the former lifeguard is about to auction everything

A new life (or a new beginning) goes hand in hand with radical action, from the classic hair cut to a revolution in the arrangement of furniture in the home, up to a wardrobe refresh as he is planning to do Pamela Anderson.

New clothes means making room in the wardrobe: as he confides in an interview with People, the actress is ready to give away some of her clothes. But what will be the pieces for sale, one wonders? «Everything» she says, and this includes everything including the iconic red costume worn in Baywatch.

Pamela Anderson in Baywatch

Kypros/Getty Images

«I don’t like to waste – he adds – Better to clear my mind, empty the wardrobe. Make room for this new life. And I can’t wait to see other people appreciate these clothes.” As to when, there is still an aura of mystery – his fans will have to wait for some more certain news before starting to snap up the vintage items – but one thing is certain, that is that “truly everything” will be available on the dthe former Playboy model.

“My style has undoubtedly changed over the years and it excites me to think that others will find the joy I felt in holding them.”

Who knows what treasures the actress will deprive herself of. Maybe there will be the huge pink hat Ivy Supersoni with which he presented himself in 1999 at the 16th edition of the MTV Video Music or maybe the super-sexy leather corset and laces in which she paraded on the red carpet of Cannes in 1995. In short, those looks that perfectly summarize Pamela’s idea of ​​style in the ’90s: wild and uninhibited.

Actress Pamela at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1999

Trevor Gillespie

It must be said that iconic clothes Pamela she has worn many, many, and that the actress has collaborated with international brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs or BOSS, for which he also participated in the Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show in You love me.

Pamela Anderson at the BOSS Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

The change is due to the normal passage of time, the same one that convinced the actress to opt for simpler outfits as well as to choose more sober make-up, also due to the death of her historic make-up artist Alexis Vogel.

“I think we all start to look a little strange as we get older. And I laugh at myself when I look in the mirror. I’m like, ‘Wow… what’s happening to me?’ It’s a journey.” Yes, we can’t wait to see how this journey will continue, but even more so when and what clothes the lifeguard will get rid of.

Source: Vanity Fair

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