Pandemic also hits ketchup industry – Shortages in thousands of US restaurants

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The US is facing shortages in ketchup, due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to an increase in demand for small sachets of the popular spice, American media.

A well-known ketchup company stated that the increase in demand is due to the ever-increasing trends in food delivery.

Ketchup sauce packs often accompany delivery orders and have effectively replaced the bottles on restaurant tables. “How can we serve french fries without ketchup,” says a Denver restaurant owner.

In particular, according to a report in the “Wall Street Journal”, many American restaurants faced shortages of ketchup amid increased interest in take away food amid a pandemic.

As restaurants turned to take away, there was a huge demand for individual ketchup packages, with companies increasing the production of these packages to the detriment of the classic ones. Now restaurant managers are struggling to find alternatives to ketchup.

The company for its part pointed out that it increased its production. A company spokesman told AFP that it had already made adjustments to production processes, but stressed that “demand was higher than supply”.

In addition, he said the company has now added many new production lines to its factories.

At the same time, prices for small ketchup packages have risen 13% since January 2020, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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