Pandemic damage to high school was devastating, says SP coordinator

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High school students had the worst performance in history in 2021, according to the results of the São Paulo State School Achievement Assessment System (Saresp). In addition, more than 96% of students in the state network finished school with below-adequate performance in mathematics.

In an interview with CNN On CNN Educação, the pedagogical coordinator of the Secretary of Education of the State of São Paulo, Viviane Cardoso, said that “we need to act immediately because the damage of the pandemic was devastating.”

She recalled that learning time is not automatic: “It is important to understand that these two years with non-face-to-face classes for much of the period had an impact on the development of this learning.”

“It is an issue that is not automatic to recover, it takes effort not only from the Secretariat, but it is also a social effort”, he added.

According to Viviane, the secretariat launched the Learn Together program, which is a work methodology to support these groups. “There is the possibility of hiring a recovery and reinforcement teacher to provide support at specific times”, she said, considering that the pandemic brought the need to differentiate the reality of each of the children in a classroom.

The pandemic has brought “a much more heterogeneous learning to learning levels” and diagnostic assessment is necessary to make an action plan for these classes.

“We also make a prioritized curriculum, we identify the essential skills, the minimum for them to continue learning”, he evaluated.

In practice, skills from previous years with which the student needs to have contact will be identified. “In one year it is quite difficult [de reverter]we will deal with a lag not only this year, but for at least 3 years counting on this one.”

In addition, the coordinator reinforced that other strategies will be the expansion of integral education and increase in the workload.

Source: CNN Brasil

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