Pantera Capital analysts Franklin Bee, Cosmo Jiang and Eric Wallach presented a report in which they reported on the upcoming growth of Solana’s capitalization due to Ethereum and other level 1 networks.

In their report, Franklin Bi, Cosmo Jiang, and Eric Wallach praise Solana for its “monolithic architecture,” which gives it significant advantages over others.

“Solana’s monolithic design and relentless focus on optimization provide clear benefits in terms of user experience, developer flexibility, and security. As the industry matures, these strengths at Solana will enable the network to prosper and increase its market share from competing ecosystems. Although the creators of Solana still have many problems to solve, the basic principles of this blockchain are already working to their full potential. Adoption of retail users is growing, more developers are looking to create revolutionary applications based on Solana, and capitalization is growing. Architectural advantages and a strong, active community clearly point to the project’s bright prospects,” the document emphasizes.

Analysts also noted that Solana has recently become a leader in the number of tokens launched. This, naturally, allows you to increase the volume of commissions, users and interest in this blockchain.


At the time of publication, SOL is trading at $133, and its capitalization is $61.7 billion, which allows Solana to occupy fifth place in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

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