Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi broke up, the online confirmation

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After the rumors, the confirmation finally arrived. Paola Di Benedetto e Federico Rossi, together since 2018, they have decided to go their separate ways, announcing the end of their love via social media. «Many of us have noticed in this period of the separation between me and Faith. In these three years, we have loved each other so much and there have been ups and downs, as in all respectable love stories. This time, however, we have come to the realization that we want to continue our lives from alone », Paola Di Benedetto wrote online, signing one, among the many Instagram stories, also with the name of her ex-boyfriend.

“We would like to clarify that nothing sensational has happened”, he wanted to add, “We have simply matured this decision over time. No disrespect, no betrayal. Just a love story that has come to an end», Explained the TV face, thanking those who, over the years, have shown them support.

The couple, which the lockdown seemed to have strengthened, vowed to continue to love each other “so much”. “We will continue to support and respect each other”, was read at the end of the shared post. A post arrived together with the gossip, to date without any confirmation, of a flirtation between Di Benedetto and Stefano Di Martino.

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