Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale, the wedding on the same day as the Milan Pride

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The news of the marriage between Paola Turci And Francesca Pascalethat they will say “yes” on Saturday 2 July. The singer and Silvio Berlusconi’s ex-partner have chosen a non-random date: July 2, in fact, will be the day of Milano Pride, the rainbow fashion show that celebrates LGBTQIA + rights. No official declaration has been made to this effect by future brides, but it is not difficult to read a message in the decision to make such an important moment in their lives coincide with an equally important moment for those who claim the right to love, beyond any type of conditioning.

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The couple in Naples, on the occasion of Pride 2021 © IPA.

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The rest is still all top secret, as well as the story between the two has always been very discreet, since the first sighting as a couple, in 2020, in Cilento, when a kiss had triggered the first gossip about an alleged relationship. “They always called me a lesbian. I could have eaten on that gossip, instead I refused covers, money. My silence communicated that it is not necessary to say what you are», Turci had declared some time ago a Today, while Pascale had unbuttoned herself more, talking about a love and the difficulty of «Overcome prejudices“.

Now they have decided to sanction that love, and to make it official. The wedding will be in Montalcino, in a strictly private form, and then the celebrations will begin: the couple chose Castello di Velona, ​​a resort about fifteen kilometers from the historic center of the Tuscan town. For Turci, 57, this is the second marriage: the singer had been married from 2010 to 2012 with the journalist Andrea Amato, while for Pascale it will be the first “yes”. Before meeting Turci, an important story with Silvio Berlusconi for the thirty-six year old, which lasted 15 years. “Our history is a miracle”, he said in 2019 al Everyday occurrence, then the breakup.

Another love has arrived, another story to live.

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