Paola Turci and the happiness that returns (alongside Francesca Pascale)

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Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art that reassembles shattered ceramic objects using glues based on gold or silver. Cracks become precious scarsthe repaired object a unique work of art because wounds make one unique. It comes to mind when you think of Paola Turci, who had one in her life big wound.

Born in Rome on 12 September 1964, she learned to play the guitar alone, as a teenager, in the house by the sea. She loved walking around with the Vespa 50, Patti Smith it was one of his musical myths. High schools always in the midst of some civil claim to be brought forward: “Those who, like me, entered high school in the early 1980s breathed an air in which they mingled disillusionment and desire to continue the struggle“. In the evening she performed in some Roman clubs and there the singer noticed her Mario Castelnuovowhich led her to the Sanremo Festival, in 1986: «He helped me in contact with the record company and wrote me the song». Title: The man of yesterday.

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To the Festival it has been 9 times in all, always appreciated by critics and the public. Thus began a beautiful career, with concerts and theaters, alone or together with good colleagues. Alongside the music she wanted to put acting: «In 1993 I signed up for a theater course. He also did an audition in front of Ettore Scola: the dream was to act“.

Instead the unexpected came on August 15, 1993: «I was pissed off. I drove on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, from one stage to another of the tour. I had to charge my cell phone, I got distracted from the road and immediately afterwards it was too late ». The car hit the guard rail. Paola Turci came out with an injury to her forehead, jaw, and lips. In 3 hours of surgery in a hospital in Cosenza she placed 30 stitches on her right cheek, another 70 inside her. The 41 concerts scheduled have been canceled.

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The accident changed her very profoundly: «I have always tried to be different. As a child I would ask mum: “Am I cute?”. And she replied: “Yes, you are normal”. From the day of the accident I started looking for that normality that I refused as a child ».

One month he was already doing other concerts with dark glasses and hair to the side to hide the scarbut the fears and insecurities were there: «Stitches and bandages removed I couldn’t look in the mirror for about ten days. I was trying to hide. I did not accept my new state, I was afraid of losing my man’s love, of not being able to please people anymore. To be finished as an artist and as a woman ». The boyfriend of the time was the tennis player Paolo Cané and with him the story went on for a while but they parted quickly, without regrets.

Then, in 2010, there was the marriage with the reporter Andrea Amato, also that time on July 2, in Haiti destroyed by the earthquake. She had already been there years before for a humanitarian trip with her sister Francesca and she wanted to “celebrate life and love in a place where life and love seem to be swept away”. Instead of the classic wedding banquet, a lunch for the poor. Two years later they decided to divorce: «Andrea and I didn’t know each other very quickly, and soon we realized we were too different“.

Since then her love life has become even more discreet, love has found other objectives: “That passion, that trepidation I felt for a boyfriend, is addressed to other people: my nieces, my increasingly defined friends, who endure over time. There is no companion that has lasted this long. I only wanted a child once, between 30 and 36 years old. I was in love. But he already had one and he didn’t trust me. Today I thank heaven“.

Among the cracks that no one had noticed, there was also a sexual harassment suffered at the age of 13 and told a few years ago: «There can be no forgiveness for a person who has made such a gesture. I met her again years later, she is now dead because she was already grown up. She never said anything to me, even on the part of those who harass there removal“.

She has lived with indiscreet questions about her sexuality for a long time and has always tried to answer by rejecting labels: “I am who I amif I like a woman, I’m with a woman », he had said before going to Pride in Naples with Francesca Pascale a year ago.

Source: Vanity Fair

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