Paolo Bonolis: «My wife Sonia? Together with a smile even in difficulties “

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Paolo Bonolis without filters: the conductor, back on Channel 5 with the game show Come on another one! every Sunday, it is told to very true retracing the stages of career and private life. The cult showman of the Eighties thanks to Bim Bum Bam has five children. The first two, Stefano and Martina, were born from the first marriage with Diane Zoeller. Now it has found stability with his second wife Sonia Bruganelli, who has been at his side for over two decades and today columnist of the Big Brother Vip. With her he has three children: Silvia, Davide and Adele (18,17 and 14 years old). Bonolis finally says he is calm because there is great harmony between all of them, even if they tease each other continuously and she has recently revealed that to be with him she has betrayed her previous boyfriend (the man has discovered all of them from the newspapers).

Bonolis says that Sonia (“my best friend”) is a woman who “bullies him a lot” (he adds slyly) but with whom “we have fun”. The secret of their marriage remains the «lightness»: «Bad things happen, but if you manage to take them the right way, you go towards resolution. I believe that love – as a feeling – is shown in this: if in front of the difficulties you run away (especially in front of those of the other) there is something wrong ». The reference also concerns the disease of their daughter Silvia, suffering from a heart problem from birth and then from hypoxia.

According to Bonolis, in short, his couple looks in the same direction but is also based on the diversity of views: “Sonia is not romantic. If I tell her “Watch the sunset”, she replies “Where? But what do we do afterwards? “. But feelings are not only expressed in front of a sunset, they are also expressed in other ways, for example with daily dedication and I cannot tell you anything about this, Sonia is a phenomenon “.

His wife had always talked about it some time ago in Silvia Toffanin’s living room: «Paolo calls me ‘The executioner of Rotterdam’, he says that I have neither negative nor positive feelings, but that with Silvia everything moves me».

The 60-year-old Roman conductor has lived on a roller coaster both in public and in private. Just think that he entered the world of entertainment almost by chance, accompanying a friend to an audition. At the time, enrolled first in law and then in political science, he would never have thought of being in front of the camera. The reason? According to him, it was all the fault of shyness.

Today it seems to have found a stable balance between private and professional commitments, in fact, before resuming the TV season indulged in a family formed vacation in Dubai for New Year’s Eve. And immediately after it inaugurated You’ve Got Mail as a guest of the first episode together with Can Yaman, to the delight of Maria De Filippi and the public.


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