Pará could lose 450,000 doses because people didn’t get vaccinated, says Barbalho

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The governor of Pará, Helder Barbalho (MDB), told the CNN this Friday (3) that the state is at risk of losing about 450,000 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 because “people are not going to get vaccinated”, and the immunizers are close to their expiration date.

“We are at risk of losing about 450,000 doses on the verge of winning because people aren’t going to get vaccinated. We made an effort, Pará bought 1 million doses of vaccines, we didn’t just wait for the Ministry of Health. All 144 municipalities in the state have vaccines”, he said.

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According to Barbalho, Pará did not reach the mark of 50% of the population with the complete vaccination cycle. He stressed that immunization is the only solution for “society to return to normal life”.

“Certainly everyone in the state of Pará understands that life has to be ahead of any ideological issue, and science and research must be allies in this fight against the coronavirus,” he said.

Mandatory vaccination passport

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To encourage the immunization of the population in the state against Covid-19, the government of Pará announced this Friday (3) that it will require proof of vaccination — also known as vaccine passport — from next Monday (6) in all establishments.

“The government has been following the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the organization of the state’s scientific committee, and made the fundamental decision to adopt a measure to encourage vaccination, encouragement and prestige for those who received the vaccination”, he said, referring to the right to move through establishments in the state.

“The vaccination passport with a tool for those who have been vaccinated can have a regular and normal life. Those who chose not to be vaccinated, do not compromise the community, making us return to a state of deficiency in the health system”.

The decree establishes that both public and private places, highlighting social interaction such as tourist spots, bars, restaurants, cinemas, football fields, among others, will be required to present proof of vaccination. who breaks the rule may be fined.

“The churches in the same way, I even want to register that all the churches agree with this, that they can have an entire public as long as the public is vaccinated”, he told CNN.

TO CNN, the governor of Pará explained that all establishments can operate at 100% capacity, as long as they cover and monitor proof of the vaccine at the entrance to the places.

In addition, Barbalho said that for cities in the state to hold parties with crowds, such as the New Year’s Eve celebration, it will be necessary for the municipality to reach the mark of 70% of the immunized population.

“In other words, everything can work, as long as everyone is there and is vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated stay at home or will be prevented from being there. For the New Year’s Eve events, we established that each city in the state reaches the level of 70% of the complete vaccine so that these cities can think of strategies”, he said.

“These are measures to provoke the government to reach the vaccine target, to call the population’s attention to say ‘you who vaccinated, normal life’; ‘you who have not yet been vaccinated, come and get vaccinated with us’. It’s critical to saving lives.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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