Paraguay's National Electricity Authority (ANDE) announced the closure of a large underground mining farm in Salto del Guaira and the confiscation of 2,738 cryptocurrency mining devices.

The mining farm was connected to energy networks, bypassing electricity meters. To identify the mining farm, ANDE used artificial intelligence and power distribution analysis. According to energy experts, the underground farm consumed $146,000 worth of energy every month. Five transformers were also confiscated on the premises. Four criminal cases may be brought against the organizers of the farm.

Paraguay remains extremely popular with miners thanks to the abundance of electricity from the Itaipu hydroelectric dam, but miners in the country are currently unregulated. In addition, the country's authorities recently proposed banning the mining of cryptocurrencies until a full-fledged regulatory framework for the activities of both miners and other cryptocurrency companies is adopted.

It should be noted that in May, ANDE conducted two more raids against underground miners. However, there the volumes of confiscated property were significantly lower.

Previously, ANDE proposed that the authorities introduce criminal sentences for illegal mining, since each such farm brings significant harm to the country’s economy.