Parallel Space Pro 4.0.8976

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Parallel Space Pro is a fairly simple and useful tool with which you can create application clones and log into multiple accounts.

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Having several accounts in one application is absolutely normal and in demand. The reason for this can be business, creativity, work and many other factors. Constantly switching between accounts is inconvenient, which is why you should use Parallel Space Pro. This tool allows you to clone the application you want and log into multiple accounts at the same time. Moreover, it will protect your privacy and hide the clone on the device in Incognito mode.

You can also customize the color scheme of your clone to ensure maximum comfort. Parallel Space Pro is available in 24 languages ​​and is compatible with almost all Android apps.

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Parallel Space Pro app features:

  • Minimalistic interface;
  • Stable and simple;
  • Application cloning;
  • Fast switching between accounts;
  • Color themes for clones;
  • Privacy protection;
  • Incognito mode.

Source: Trash Box

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