Paralympics: 100 meters of gold, silver and bronze for Italy

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He started crying even before he crossed the finish line. Amber Sabatini she was the favorite, at least on paper, before the Paralympics in the one hundred meter category t63, athletes with prosthetic limbs. The predictions, however, are what, the reality of the race is another, especially if you have to run in pouring rain. It was like a blue wave. The 19 year old from Porto Ercole in front of everyone and behind her, both comeback, Martina Caironi and Monica Counterfeit.

Ambra Sabatini gold in 14 ”11 with world record, silver for Martina Caironi in 14” 46 and bronze for Monica Contraffatto in 14 ”73.

They ended up hugging, lying on the flag, jumping, laughing and singing. A historic hat-trick, three tricolor flags raised, three Italians on the podium, all three smiling, all three moved while Luca Pancalli rewarded them.

«We made it dirty, we are world championsThey said at the first interview. “That’s what we dreamed of, it’s beautiful,” said the young Sabatini. «A beautiful spirit has been created, we are very happy. Congratulations to Ambra for the world record », added Martina Caironi who had that record before her and who also took silver in the long jump.

Caironi from Bergamo is the fulcrum of this podium. It is the 31-year-old from Alzano Lombardo who lives in Bologna who paved the way and inspired the others. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident when he was just 18 and discovered athletics. While she was winning gold in London 2012 Monica Counterfeit watched her on TV from a hospital bed. Army Medal of Valor, he lost a leg in Afghanistan. Seeing her in London led her to athletics.

Ambra Sabatini was a promise of middle distance. In 2019 she was going to train on a scooter with her father when a car invaded the courses and she found her left leg crushed between the sheets. The discouragement is there, but Amber knows that sport must remain in her life. She reads the stories of Bebe Vio or Alex Zanardi, but Martina Caironi is the queen of Paralympic athletics. “I’ve always been a sportswoman, running is natural for me. The great strength I discovered later. You never know how brave you can be until certain things happen to you. ‘

There are 69 blue medals at Paralympics of Tokyo: 14 golds, 29 silvers and 26 bronzes. “Tonight is the best snapshot possible. We have hoped and dreamed of it “, said the president of the Paralympic Committee, Luca Pancalli,” The most beautiful medal is being able to bring disabled children to play sports “.

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