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Paraná legislature approves Copel privatization bill

The Paraná government’s proposal to privatize Copel, making it a company with dispersed capital and no controlling shareholder, was approved by the Legislative Assembly of Paraná this Thursday (24), just three days after the state revealed its plans to undo of electrical control.

Bill 493/2022, which began its voting process the day before, was approved in a second vote on the subject this Thursday by 35 votes in favor, against 13 against.

Then, a third vote was held, on the final wording of the text, with 38 votes in favor and 13 against.

The advance represents a victory for the plans of the government of Paraná, which revealed on Monday its intention to dispose of control of Copel in a model similar to that of Eletrobras, which led the shares of the electricity company from Paraná to skyrocket.

In addition to the legislative assembly, the project on the privatization of Copel also needs to receive approval from the State Court of Auditors (TCE) of Paraná.

Source: CNN Brasil

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