Paraphilias: what are the “obsessions” that determine sexual arousal

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Fetishism: you have certainly heard this word used, even in contexts other than sexual. «This bag is now a fetish», «These shoes will soon become a fetish» intended as a cult object, something to have at all costs, an obsession.

“There, obsession it can be a word identifying a fetishism, on which, however, a clarification must be made – explains the doctor Roberta Rossipsychotherapist and sexologist at the Institute of Clinical Sexology in Rome – Fetishism is one of the many paraphilias that there may be in the world. Fetishism focuses on an object, a smell, an unusual action that triggers one drive too sexualwhich causes pleasure. Even the voyeurism ol ‘exhibitionism they are paraphilias ».

Hence, the paraphilias are fantasies recurring, which result in sexually arousing impulses or behaviors? “Exactly. Long ago they were considered or defined perversions, to define something outside the norm, even with a derogatory note. Today they are defined paraphilic disorders.

However, beware: a disorder becomes such if causes harm or discomfort to oneself or others. If they remain in the realm of fantasies, there is nothing wrong with that. Especially if adults are the subjects and objects of paraphilia consenting. The consent it is always the primary basis of all behavior, sexual or otherwise “.

“We all have fantasies, more or less declared. And some paraphilias inevitably remain in the realm of fantasy, in fact: having sex with an alien is one of these, unless there is really proof that the counterpart is alien », says Rossi.

«We need to understand where this need comes from. Some experts argue that some paraphilias have their roots in trauma suffered in childhood. For example, the pyrophilia, that is the fantasies triggered by a very big butt, can refer to the sexual energy felt by children when perhaps you have seen your mother or some other naked woman. Or theparaphilic infantilismthat is, when you feel pleasure in dressing up as a baby, it certainly sets a childhood experience back in motion and is a way to express your desire to decommissioning you hate request for attention. It is often present above all among men of power. But it’s not a rule », Rossi continues.

Difficult to bring to data support when it comes to paraphilias? “Yes, because it is difficult to establish a boundary between what becomes a nuisance and what does not and above all because, as I said, even particular fantasies are also widespread among the non-clinical population. In any case, the paraphilias are more common among the male populationwhile women prefer paraphilias which involve submission ».

But what are the most particular paraphilias? There are really many, we have selected the most curious together with Dr. Rossi. You can find them below, continuing to read the article.

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