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Parintins Festival: structure to receive 120 thousand tourists begins to be assembled

With less than 20 days left before the start of the dispute between the Caprichoso and Garantido oxen at Bumbódromo, the Government of the State of Amazonas began to set up the entire structure to receive the more than 120 thousand tourists expected in the city of Parintins.

The structure is being prepared by Amazonastur, a state tourism company. The actions range from a gastronomic square to serve tourists to a uniform program for tricycle riders (one of the island’s main means of transport).

“We are investing to strengthen the tourism and cultural sector in Amazonas and this year will be no different with the Parintins Festival. With national reach, we will have integrated work and an even greater structure to guarantee an unforgettable event”, said the president of Amazonastur Ian Ribeiro.

Tourist reception programs


Space dedicated to tourists. Unlike other editions, the space for this year will be expanded. During the Festival, the Turistódromo will be open from June 26th to 30th, from 9am to 5:30pm. It is located on Avenida Amazonas, next to the Nossa Senhora do Carmo Cathedral, in the center of Parintins.

Gastronomic Square

The Gastronomic Square, in its second edition, will feature 20 varied stalls, from snacks, fast food, typical and regional foods, as well as various sweets and savory snacks. Opening from June 26th to 30th, from 9am to 4am, the location will be installed on Avenida Clarindo Chaves and Rua Armando Prado, close to the Turistódromo.

Panavueiro Fest

Panavueiro Fest will feature shows by regional singers and big screens broadcasting the performances of Caprichoso and Garantido during the Parintins Festival . The event has free entry and will be held on Avenida Clarindo Chaves, next to the traditional Cathedral of Nossa Senhora do Carmo, one of the main attractions in Parintins. The program will start at 5pm.

Program for tricycle riders

Renovation of the 150 existing tricycles in Parintins. It is one of the main means of transport that has become a symbol of Tupinambarana Island. The program includes painting and installing new tarpaulins in part of the structure, with the Festival’s new identity. Tricycle riders will also receive new uniforms.

Amazon To Go

The tool will assist tourists during the Festival. In the app, visitors have access to a digital guide providing information about tourist attractions and options about all areas of Parintins. The platform will be available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. Access methods: via number (92) 99356-8775 or via QR Codes present in tourist resorts.

Source: CNN Brasil

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