Paris haute couture autumn-winter 2022-2023: love at first sight beauty (to be copied immediately)

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© aldocoppola / Instagram.

Equally successful is the make-up, starting from the face. After the moisturizer, they were used Power Fabric + Foundation and the concealer of the same line, while to give a touch of light, both on the eyes and on the cheekbones, the make-up artist Linda Cantello she applied eyeshadow Eyes To Kill Stellar in shade 6. Eyes in the foreground with a thick line of eyeliner and pencil Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in shade 4 to create two shadows, on the inside and outside of the eye; as a last touch, Eyes To Kill Stellar 1 on the upper lid. The mascara did the rest, but without forgetting the lip, who are also returning protagonists on the catwalk. Cantello dabbed a thin layer of Lip Power in shade 109 or di Lip Master 103 depending on the complexion. The final touch? Of the black glitter. “The will was to create, more than a look, an atmosphere and a suggestion. A shower of black sequins adds a touch of languid sensuality to this modern girl ». A beauty look with more than one inspiration to be grasped, especially for an important evening.

© Giorgio Armani, courtesy of press office.

Chignon and bright lips: Schiaparelli’s haute couture

Guido Palau signed the crops seen by Schiaparellilow chignon with essential and super chic lines, very elegant and perfect for any occasion, thanks to the clean lines that match any outfit.

Sophisticated make-up created by Pat McGrathwhich gave birth to smokey eyes And cat eye combined with brick-colored lips, a traditionally very autumnal color, which is seeing a lot even in summer. It is not, however, for everyone: definitely out if the teeth tend to yellow (in that case yes to cold colors with a touch of blue) and over Mediterranean complexions, on which it is irremediably dull.

Collected with clean lines also from Giambattista Vallia real must in hairdressing entrusted to Paul Duchemin. One style slicked back, that is, all pulled back, which also exploited fluffy maxi tails and low tails, elegantly fixed by a lock of hair.

A crop seen on Giambattista Valli’s Parisian catwalk © Getty Images.

Pascal Le segretain / Getty Images

A detail always makes the difference, elegance, poetry.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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