Parliament: ‘Fuel Pass 2’ was voted with a wide majority

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By a majority from ND and PASOK-KINAL, the draft law of the Ministry of Health “Regulations for dealing with the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the protection of public health” was voted on the Authority and in its entirety by the Plenary of the Parliament. The draft on the Authority and in its entirety was voted against by SYRIZA, KKE, Hellenic Solution and MeRA25.

The amendment of the Ministry of Finance for “Fuel Pass 2” was voted by all the parties, except KKE and MeRA25 which were “present”.

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The Minister of Health also accepted and was voted by all the parties, except KKE and MERA25 who voted “present”, the parliamentary amendment co-signed by the deputies of Corfu Stefanos Gikas (ND), Alexandros Avlonitis (SYRIZA) and Dimitris Biagis (PASOK-KINAL) regarding the inclusion of the Corfu hospital in Zone A of the problematic areas.

Also, Mr. Pleuris with a legislative addition, following the relevant proposals of the Opposition, extended the possibility of a six-month voluntary stay to all medical specialties – not only the anesthetists and radiologists provided for in the provision of the bill – who have completed the retirement limit and wish to remain in their positions, provided there is a positive recommendation from the Ministry of Health. The minister said that a five-day deadline will be given to those doctors who want to stay, to submit an application even if they have received the documents that they are entering retirement.

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Mr. Pleuris, concluding the discussion, rejected the criticism of the opposition that the government does not have an image of the pandemic saying that it is a dynamic phenomenon, obviously there is a plan but it is absurd to believe that the pandemic will adapt to the plan you are making, for this and when necessary we intervene”. He cited as an example of how things are developing, Portugal, which two or three months ago when we were also going through a very difficult phase, was the model and now has more deaths than the others European countries, not because he did something wrong but because the phenomenon is dynamic. He reiterated that Greece is the last of all the European Union countries to lift the measures. The pandemic is obviously making waves. The issue is what preparations have you made and what are they the course of the pandemic. This wave, from where it has passed, has the characteristics of having hospitalizations basically in simple beds and not it gives the numbers that previous waves gave to the hard indicators and for this reason, even now, we are in tubes below a hundred. Obviously, the intubated will also rise, when we have many cases and many hospitalizations, but the picture that is seen by all the models is that there will be no pressure from the National Health System.

Regarding the criticism that the government proceeded to lift the measures for tourism, he stated that this is not the case and added that countries that have nothing to do with tourism have also lifted these measures, noting that the European Union lifted the measures on flights and he did not do it for Greece. The mask said that it is still valid in urban public transport, as it remains in nursing units and in closed spaces where there is overcrowding, so the only difference is the administrative fine, for which you have accused us so far of introducing it. He pointed out that our country remains the second country in carrying out daily tests. In the opposition’s insistence on lifting the suspension of work for unvaccinated health workers, Mr. Pleuris said that the problem is that they themselves “do not believe in their science” as well as posts like those of Mr. Polakis that “now that it has been proven that vaccines do not they catch…”! Because this is not the case and is the wrong and unclear message being sent. He hoped that the European debate on how vaccination coverage should evolve will be concluded very soon, as it is certain that the pandemic will have a greater momentum in the autumn and winter months.

Regarding the recruitment announcements, the minister informed that the announcement of 4,000 nurses is already in ASEP and will be posted from moment to moment. The announcement of the 700 doctors will be issued in two stages. The first stage will be for all of Greece that has a problem, except for large urban centers, so that these positions can be filled and we hope that in the next fortnight it will be ready. Afterwards, it will be released for the big urban centers as well. Also, there is the announcement of the 910 positions of other staff, where the allocation has not yet been made because the distribution of the doctors must be done first.


Source: Capital

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